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General Questions

There are multiple issues with my device, do you offer repair bundles?

Sure we do please just give us a call at 1-206-707-9205 and we will see what we can set up for you.

So I tried to fix my iPhone on my own and have it semi unassembled. Can I send it to you and have you finish the repair?

Absolutely, we do that all the time for customers. Please purchase the diagnostic service and send your phone in. A technician will call you the same day we receive it with a quote before beginning any work on your iPhone.

Do you repair any other kind of phones?

Of course! If you have managed to break your cell phone, odds are we can fix it. Browse our repair services.

Do you repair iPods or any other Apple products?

In addition to iPhone repairs, we offer a wide varitey of iPod, iPad, and Mac repairs. If you are interested in a repair please contact a support representative at 1-206-707-9205 or browse our repairs section.

Do I have to checkout online to mail in a phone for repair?

Though is it preferred that you checkout on line prior to sending in your iPhone it is not required. Checking out online prior to sending in your phone helps us expedite the repair process as we will have easy access to your information and do not need to delay the repair to wait for payment. If you would prefer to send in your iPhone without purchasing a service online please include your contact information and a brief explanation of the issue(s) you are experiencing with the iPhone. This will help us minimize any repair delays and return your phone as fast as possible.

Do you offer any type of warranty on your repairs?

Yes, all repairs carry a 30 day parts and labor warranty which means if you have any issues related to the repair within 30 days we will take care of it free of charge!

Mail In Repairs and Shipping

How high are drug prices in the United States?

Across the board, the amount we pay for prescription drugs is much higher in the U.S. than in other developed countries, often around twice or three times higher. Secrecy in drug pricing makes it hard to come up with clear and accurate prices for drugs. Below are examples of the monthly cost of some common medications (these prices includes discounts that some U.S. patients receive):

What do pharmaceutical companies cite as the cause for high drug prices?

Drug companies claim that high costs of research are why prices are so high, citing a figure of over $2 billion spent for research for every drug that makes it to the market (adding together the costs of those that fail to make it to those that do). However, independent researchers see these research cost claims as grossly inflated, claiming them to be exaggerated by several hundred percent. It is important to remember that the public pays for much of the development of the drugs through initial research supported by the National Institutes of Health. Also, drug companies just about every year spend more on marketing than on research.

What do health care and economic researchers cite as the cause of high drug prices?

  • Inability to negotiate for lower prices. Unlike other wealthy countries, and even some less developed countries, which have strong governmental or quasi-governmental agencies negotiating for better drug prices, no public or private agencies in the U.S. have as much negotiating power. The law prevents the federal government from negotiating better prices for Medicare patients. The private “pharmaceutical benefits managers” often have conflicts of interest and take advantage of secrecy to increase their own profits.
  • The high costs of marketing. The United States is one of only two nations in the world that allow direct-to-consumer drug advertising to patients. Although some of the marketing to doctors most akin to bribery has been curtailed, drug companies still “donate” plenty of money to medical professional societies and to patient advocacy groups for diseases their drugs treat. These “donations” buy silence about high prices, and their so-called charity hides the high profits they are making off the most vulnerable and ill.
  • Drug price secrecy. “Lack of transparency” is the technical term for the fact that the public cannot learn how much money really went to research or how much it costs to produce drugs. Secret discounts to some purchasers are another barrier blocking fair and visible prices for everyone.
  • Market power and political power. Studies have consistently shown that the profit margin for drug companies averages about twice the profit margin of other major industries. This happens because patent protection on newer drugs create a lot of their profits. So drug companies constantly push to extend patent protections by minor tweaks on drugs that make little to no therapeutic difference. This monopoly-based market power leads to political power through their extensive lobbying and campaign contributions.
For more information, see Facts and Data: The Expensive Politics of Health Care Updated 6/1/2018

Water Damage Service

Does the water damage service include water damage sensor replacement?

No, the water damage service includes all parts and labor required to the get phone back to fully functional condition but does not include water damage sensor replacement.

Does the water damage service include logic board replacement?

Due to its high cost, The logic board is the only part in the device that is not included in the water damage service. If the logic board has been irreversibly damaged, we will not be able to repair it and you will be refunded.

I dropped my phone in liquid that was not water, should I send it in for the water damage service?

Absolutely. Through the salt in salt water is very corrosive and can be very damaging to electronic devices, there is no reason to not send in your device in for a water damage repair. Our success rate on salt water damage is lower than that of a device that has been dropped in other liquid but there is still a good chance that is can be repaired, and if it cannot you will pay nothing so there is nothing to lose.

I dropped my phone in salt water, is it even worth sending it in?

Sure, please just call a customer service representative at 1-206-707-9205 to make the proper arrangements. Please note, we are not responsible for packages lost in transit back to the customer if they supply their own shipping label or shipping account.

What should I do if my device falls in water or another liquid?

First and foremost, do not attempt to turn the phone on as that can cause a serious short circuit. Next send the device in for our water damaged service. Our chance at repairing the phone increases substantially the sooner we receive it.

My device fell into water, should I let it dry out to see if works before I send it in?

Though the device can sometimes begin working again on its own after water damage, it is very uncommon and not a likely outcome. It is more likely that corrosion and residue deposits will begin to form on the logic board making the repair process more difficult. We recommend sending the device in as soon as possible even if it is still wet as our chance at repairing the device increases substantially the sooner we receive it.

My device was water damaged and now everything seems to work fine except for one function, do I still need the full water damage service?

Yes. Though only one function may not be working, it could be caused by a variety of things. For example, if your home button is not functioning properly, the issue may be caused by the home button flex, the lower dock connector assembly, the Logic board, or any combination of the three since the phone was water damaged. If the device has not been water damaged, a home button issue is almost always caused by the home button flex, however since the phone has been water damaged, standard rules do not apply. This why we offer a water damage service specially tailored for water damaged devices.

How Long does water damage repair generally take?

Water damage repair generally takes between 24 and 72 hours to complete depending on the level of damage. This estimate can vary however depending on the extent of the damage to the logic board and other components.

What if you are unable to save my water damaged device?

If we are unable to repair your water damaged device for any reason, your payments will be refunded minus the cost of return shipping and your phone will be returned. If your device could not be repaired and you do not want the phone back or do not wish to pay for return shipping, we will be happy to recycle the device at our repair facility.

Do you offer a warranty on the water damage service?

Our water damage repair service includes a 30-day warranty on the parts fixed or replaced during the course of the repair. If you experience any issues caused by the parts we’ve replaced on your device within 30-days, you are covered.

What does this warranty cover?

Our 90-day warranty covers any issues caused by the initial water damage that was repaired. The warranty does not include any subsequent water damage or further accidental damage to the device.